what you can do with Kaa

Kaa offers better apps for fitness trackers, smart sportswear, and connected sports equipment

Nearly the most prominent effect that the Internet of Things has had on our daily routines is changing the way we exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Activity trackers and fitness applications are becoming our personal coaches, helping us thoroughly with both instruction and motivation. Smart sportswear allows us to transcribe body data into training advice, and all kinds of sports equipment are increasingly capable of measuring our performance and reporting it to our smartphones.

The Kaa IoT Platform delivers all these capabilities into your smart sport & fitness products as production-ready features. With Kaa, you can automatically collect data from virtually any sensors, fitness trackers, and smart sports gear, then analyze it, and visualize on equipment consoles and mobile devices, in this way delivering end-to-end training solutions for the customer.

Kaa features a powerful data visualization toolkit that allows you to create personalized dashboards for tracking specific training parameters and understand the impact of different training routines over time. You can also visualize data from multiple devices at once as well as set up rules for their autonomous interaction.

As a highly customizable and scalable platform, Kaa does not limit your options as to what you can do next in sports and fitness IoT - nor does it weigh you down with an entire set of features if you do not need them. You take what you need and when you need it from Kaa, and then carry out your smart sport & fitness project - whether it is an activity tracker app or an infrastructure management system for a sports venue.

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