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The most flexible IoT platform for your business

Collect and control

Connect and manage IoT devices via the cloud using graphical UI or REST API. Collect and visualize telemetry using a built-in dashboard or 3rd party tools like Grafana.

Fast, scalable, modern

With IoT microservices architecture baked by Kubernetes, you can scale infinitely, scale only what is needed, all with extreme performance and fault-tolerance.

Get insights from your data

Stream data from your IoT devices to any data analytics system via pre-integrated Kafka channel. Change device behavior based on processing results.

Security & User Management

Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Out-of-box authentication & authorization for users with open OAuth2 / UMA interface.

Full control

You choose where to host the IoT platform: in the public cloud, on your premises or even in both places at the same time (multicloud).

Created by experts

The company behind the platform has over 25 years of experience in IoT, Telecom and Big Data. We used all our profound knowledge to create the best IoT Platform that can serve big enterprises as well as small startups.

Kaa platform features


Connect devices directly or via gateways using all modern connectivity types:

  • (Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT, …)
  • Near field (WiFi, BLE, Z-Wave, …)
  • Cellular (2G/3G/4G/…)
  • Wired (Ethernet)

Use IoT protocols supported out-of-box (like MQTT) or implement platform’s open interfaces to support a new protocol.

Kaa IoT Platform supports various hardware types including but not limited to:

  • Sensors
  • Gateways
  • Industrial PLC
  • Machines
  • Trucks, cars, ships
  • Wearable
  • Smartphone

Manage devices and their credentials individually or in groups. Maintain a register of digital twins so all the device’s data will be available even when it’s offline.

Reliably collect data on a large scale. Configure data processing pipelines. Optimize network and battery use with batching. Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform is pre-integrated with production-ready databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, InfluxDB, and others.

Configuration management is essential for controlling the device behavior, managing data processing parameters, edge analytics, feature flagging, and other functions. For example, you can configure an air conditioner with the desired temperature, set reporting period for a smart meter, etc.

Command execution allows you to deliver messages with the arbitrary payload to connected devices, execute commands, and receive near-real-time responses. For example, you can remotely check the current temperature on a home thermostat, open a vehicle trunk, and so on.

Kaa IoT Platform is designed to support various integrations:

  • REST API, WebSockets
  • Data Analytics
  • Business tools like SAP, Salesforce, etc
  • Legacy systems

Platform advantages

The Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform has been designed with heavy-duty, enterprise-grade IoT solutions in mind. It banishes a monolithic approach to architecture in favour of highly portable microservices, which allow for flexible rearrangement and customization even in the middle of the solution’s lifecycle. It enables cloud-native scalability and resilience while offering full freedom in regard to the type of deployment. Combined with its technology-agnostic attitude towards development and DevOps, Kaa Enterprise puts you in charge of your IoT innovations by holding out extensive freedom of technology, deployment models, and customization


E2E implementation of your project by our experts

Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform was initially created as one of the CyberVision, Inc projects and rapidly evolved to the point when we decided to found a separate company with a strict focus on the Kaa.
Combining more than 25 years of experience from CyberVision and KaaIoT we offer full-stack IoT implementation services to help you go to market fast.

If you want to enter this new dimension of business opportunities created by IoT, we can guide you every step of the way.

We have come a long way in helping companies master the IoT technology and turn it into actual value for their customers.

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