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    The truly open-source Kaa IoT Platform

    Kaa is a feature-rich, open-source IoT middleware platform for rapid development of the Internet of Things solutions, IoT applications, and smart products.

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Discover unlimited opportunities
for the Internet of Things

Crafted by a broad community of IoT experts, Kaa is the world-leading initiative for the open and efficient Internet of Things cloud platform — using which any IoT company, IoT system integrator, or aspiring individual has a free way to materialize their smart product concepts.


and manage any device via the cloud


smart products with ready-to-go features


and analyze valuable data in real time


IoT solutions to support millions of endpoints


IoT solutions anywhere: on-premises, cloud, or mixed

Enable cutting-edge IoT use cases

As the leading IoT cloud platform, Kaa provides the key software technology to enable your company’s products and services with success-proven IoT capabilities. Addressing a large majority of IoT use cases out of the box, the Kaa IoT Platform is the best choice for rapid IoT product development.

Access what other IoT platforms won’t disclose

With its open source code, a variety of demo apps for self-study, the rapidly growing community, and exhaustive documentation, Kaa offers everyone a full ‘backstage pass’ to the platform and guarantees a quick start with the IoT product development.

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