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Turbocharge the IoT cloud services implementation for connected cars with KaaIoT

The Internet of Things is breaking fresh ground for car manufacturers by introducing entirely new layers to the traditional concept of a car. This upgrade — the connected, smart car — comes as a revolutionary way for us to drive and stay in touch with the world around at the same time. By offering a dazzling variety of infotainment services and connected car applications for drivers, the automotive sector has the potential to become a prominent IoT champion and pump up adoption of IoT cloud services adoption among car owners and walkers alike.

For companies in the automotive sector, entertainment and maintenance service providers, Kaa offers a stack of plug-and-play IoT components that streamline development of connected car applications by times and ensure smooth integration between separate modules of the connected car within a secure cloud environment.

Kaa is highly scalable and can easily handle thousands of connected vehicles simultaneously as well as automatically balance out peak loads in cloud service usage. With Kaa, it is easy to enable new services over the air, and manage different service subscription plans and user groups.

Regarding connected car engineering, Kaa supports standard IoT protocols, such as MQTT, as well as allows for custom implementations. Its open APIs ensure seamless integration with different kinds of automotive equipment — sensors, control units, electronics — and help you introduce numerous smart features in coherence with the specific car design.

The sky’s the limit for what you can do with Kaa. And even that is only until cars get winged.

Connected cars offer a new vision for royal driving experience — make it accessible today with Kaa

Kaa ensures successful implementation of end-to-end fleet management and vehicle health & telematics solutions by addressing each part of a typical use case scenario — in-vehicle data collection with embedded applications, in-cloud data management, and user analytics. With its elastic, enterprise-grade scalability, Kaa can be applied to monitor and manage an unlimited number of vehicles in real time:

  • Connected vehicle sensors
  • Real-time car telematics tracking
  • Vehicle location tracking and scheduling solutions
  • Fuel tracking
  • Speed control
  • Vehicle usage analytics
  • Car leasing solutions
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Traffic management, workload management

Kaa translates the predictive maintenance concept into a highly practical and straightforward solution that integrates with your vehicle’s sensors, hardware modules, data transmitters, and control units, and allows you tracking their performance, health, and damage factors.

  • Connected vehicle sensors
  • Real-time vehicle health monitoring
  • Fault detection, A/B testing for vehicle prototypes
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • Automated maintenance scheduling
  • Maintenance history analytics

Kaa is widely deployed as a cloud-enablement platform for value-added user services and applications. Car manufacturers, maintenance and service companies, insurance companies, and entertainment providers can all offer a broad range of Kaa-powered innovative services for connected car owners.

  • Location-based services
  • Drive-assist applications
  • News and entertainment
  • Smart home/smart office integration
  • Car-on-demand services
  • Usage-based insurance
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Car security services
  • Over-the-air updates

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