IoT in Telecom Industry

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How Communication Service Providers can take immediate advantage of IoT with Kaa

As the Internet of Things continues to pervade the enterprise and consumer worlds, the Telecommunications industry stands at the crossroads of new revenue streams and new challenges brought by this revolution of connectivity.

The fact is that IoT use cases in Telecom are going to flourish anyway - the only question is how large a role in this new business order will go to CSPs. Basically, there are three things that CSPs can do right when embarking onto the IoT initiatives.

The first one is to capitalize on their infrastructures to provide tailored consumer applications, wide-area IoT solutions, and managed services. Using Kaa as a highly versatile IoT cloud platform, any Operator can enter a particular business vertical with its own IoT solution. Uniquely positioned with unlimited access to network infrastructure, CSPs can provide better performance, wider scale, and - tapping into vast pools of user data - much better usability than competition.

Another opportunity for CSPs is to open up new revenue streams by providing edge computing infrastructure for OTT service providers and application developers. Enabling cloud capabilities for network hardware such as modems, IP DSLMs, CMTSs or base stations will allow Operators to offer their infrastructure as a valuable service from which consumer behavior patterns can be extracted and acted upon. This is where Kaa, as an enterprise cloud-native platform, can streamline the growth.

Finally, an incredible opportunity consists in minimizing Telco’s operational cost by applying IoT technology for software defined networking and network function virtualization.

Using Kaa and container technologies, rolling out new services and deploying large-scale IoT solutions can be done in a fraction of a time it takes today. This will provide a great edge to IoT-savvy CSPs, as they will abandon their mere “pipe keeper” roles for good and emerge as big players in the IoT field.

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