IoT Solutions in Retail Industry

What IoT Solutions in Retail Industry you can implement with Kaa

Enabling end-to-end IoT use cases for Retail with Kaa.

Retailers are adopting IoT solutions across a number of applications that are improving store operations, reducing theft, increasing purchases through cross selling, enabling precise inventory management, and most importantly enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. The IoT is enabling physical retailers to compete more strongly against the online challengers, to regain lost market share and continually attract consumers into the store, thus making it easier for them to buy more while saving money.

Kaa is a leading enterprise IoT platform that can enable these benefits for retail companies and serve as an IoT backbone for numerous smart retail services and solutions.

It allows you to quickly implement necessary applications for tracking goods with RFID tags, ensure items on-shelf availability, utilize Bluetooth beacons to provide customers with personalized mobile shopping experience, and set up digital signage in the store to attract visitors and help them navigate through your products, discounts, and loyalty programs.

IoT retail solutions powered by Kaa can help you ensure that your customers have thorough information on everything they might like in your store, and thus bring them closer to a buying decision.

Featuring enterprise-grade security mechanisms, Kaa is also a safe choice for mobile payment solutions, mobile POS systems, and smart vending machines. Mobile payment applications built with Kaa can be used with all modern mobile devices and easily integrated with a retail management system in place to enable automated items inventory processing.

Since credit cards, there has been hardly an innovation that improves retailers' bottom lines as much as the IoT does. Make sure you captured the full prize with Kaa.

Using RFID tags, conductive ink, and other technologies for inventory tracking, retailers can expect up to 100% inventory accuracy, eliminate unexpected out-of-stocks, reduce thefts, and, as a result, increase sales margins by up to 10%. Kaa provides all necessary IoT features to enable end-to-end store inventory management, with no fees for the amount of connected assets.

  • polygon markEliminate items loss or theft incidents
  • polygon markEnsure items availability on shelves
  • polygon markTrigger timely ordering to avoid out-of-stocks
  • polygon markAnalyze effectiveness of promotions and best selling items
  • polygon markOptimize inventory according to customers' preferences
  • polygon markAllow customers to check and order items from other locations

Shopping can be a stressful thing and that’s why many people - especially men - feel uneasy about large malls. With IoT solutions from Kaa, shopping becomes a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Using Kaa-powered beacons, mobile applications, notifications management, and customer analytics, you can help the customer with accurate guidance and showcase everything he or she might like without ever bothering them with excessive communication or wasting their enthusiasm on manual search through the shelves.

  • polygon markSimplify customers' navigation through your store via branded mobile apps
  • polygon markTrack the customer's shopping patterns and create personalized offerings
  • polygon markUpdate the customer with relevant updates on new product lines
  • polygon markRun loyalty programs, provide best-buy opportunities for subscribers
  • polygon markImplement mobile payments and e-commerce for best customer experience

Digital signage is essential for making your retail space look attractive and presentable. A few interactive screens can be all it takes to double the number of visitors and ensure they had great experience at your shop, even if they didn’t need anything when they walked in. Using IoT applications built with Kaa, these screens can display not only commercials or catalogs, but also personalized promotions or used for gathering customer feedback.

  • polygon markImplement interactive screens for running commercials and targeted content
  • polygon markAnalyze customer behavior and maximize effectiveness of displayed material
  • polygon markCollect customer feedback
  • polygon markBe noticeable, attract more potential customers
  • polygon markEntertain your visitors
  • polygon markIncrease your brand awareness

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