Kaa Enterprise IoT platform subscription plans

Flexible pricing for developers and companies

devices included
All Kaa features included
Hosted by KaaIoT
Starting at $750/month
devices included
All Kaa features
Hosted in your infrastructure:
on-premise or cloud
devices included
All Kaa features
Hosted in your and
your clients’ infrastructure:
on-premise or cloud
Custom plan
Don’t know which plan to choose or can’t find a subscription plan that best suits you?
Contact our team for a customized plan that accommodates your unique needs.
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in details
KaaIoT-hosted Self-hosted Embedded
Platform functionality
Device management
Unlimited connectivity
Data collection
Device configuration
Commands execution
OTA updates
Security & Multitenancy
Object code license
Whitelabeling Optional Optional
Redistribution as a part of clients’ product
Number of included instances 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted by KaaIoT Optional Optional
Hosted in your infrastructure
Hosted in your client’s infrastructure
Customization of the solution blueprint
Engineering support
Package Starter Standard or Premium * Standard or Premium *
Email-based support
Slack-based support No/Yes * No/Yes *
Regular support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Priority support
Priority response time, business days 3 3 to 1 * 3 to 1 *
Amount of included priority requests / month 5 5 to 15 * 5 to 15 *
Production support
Package Standard or Premium * Standard or Premium *
Supported production installations Up to 3 * Up to 3 *
Support hours 10/5 to 24/7 * 10/5 to 24/7 *
Maximum initial response time, hours 8 to 2 * 8 to 2 *
* Depending on the selected package
Subscription plan Service Specifications
Subscription plans
Includes Fees
KaaIoT-hosted 500 Active Endpoints $750/month
100 GB storage $0.60 per additional Active Endpoint
5 Priority Engineering support requests per month $100 per each additional Priority Engineering support requests

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