How Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform makes a difference

With its modular, highly customizable architecture and exceptional freedom of technology, Kaa gets you out of typical vendor constraints and fully adapts to your vision of IoT and your business case. This is the ultimate IoT enablement experience that your entire team can finally relate to.

Technological advantages Business advantages
Modern microservice architecture
Simplifies customization and ensures effective separation of concerns between different parts of the platform
Highly competitive pricing — and even more so value for money
Freedom of technology
You can use your favorite programming languages and DevOps tools
Simple, straightforward licensing plans
You can easily plan your TCO upfront
Scalable, elastic, and self-healing
Enterprise-grade scalability and resilience
Embedded license available
You can redistribute Kaa within your IoT products to your customers
Freedom of deployment
Public, private, or mixed cloud deployment on any infrastructure of your choice
Whitelabeling available
You may build your own brand upon Kaa
Open IoT protocols
The platform runs on open protocols, supports MQTT by default
You own your custom solution based on Kaa
Your custom-built components remain your intellectual property
TLS or DTLS by default, flexible credentials lifecycle management
Try before getting onboard
Trial options are available
Enable the Infrastructure as Code approach for managing your clusters
Flexible support options from vendor
Kaa customers can take advantage of professional engineering support from the KaaIoT company