Getting started

It’s great to see you here! Let’s get straight to business and look at the quickest ways to start programming with Kaa.


First, you need to get a Kaa server instance up and running. We suggest that you use the Kaa Sandbox, which is a self-contained virtual environment with all Kaa services already set up for you. Additionally, it provides plenty of sample applications with which you can play.

You have two options on how to start with the Kaa Sandbox: (a) download it and run it as an Oracle VirtualBox VM, or (b) launch a Kaa Sandbox instance on Amazon Web Services.

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    Local Kaa Sandbox VM

    Please download the Kaa Sandbox .ova image from the Download Kaa page, and then follow these instructions to import, set up, and launch the VM. You can also follow this 6-minute video tutorial to launch your local instance of the Kaa Sandbox.

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    Kaa Sandbox in AWS

    You will need a valid AWS account to run the Kaa Sandbox in AWS. To launch the Kaa Sandbox AMI, please go to the Download Kaa page, locate the deploy Sandbox to AWS button, select the desired region and then click the button. You will be redirected to the AWS console with the Kaa AMI preselected for launch. To complete the deployment, follow these steps for AWS EC2.

Note: the Kaa Sandbox will work with any AWS instance, but we recommend at least m3.large for optimal performance.


Now that you have your private Kaa Sandbox up and running, it’s time to start hacking. We encourage you to explore the sample applications available in the Sandbox: just open

http://<your Sandbox public IP>:9080/sandbox

We have created these applications for a single purpose of showing you how to build with Kaa something simple that works — and you are welcome to browse the source code of every sample app, change it, break it, and fix it again!


When you are ready to build your first Kaa application from scratch, please refer to the Your first Kaa application guide. For a more in-depth understanding of Kaa functions and their use, take a look at the programming guide. We hope that over time you will make yourself comfortable with Kaa online documentation. However, please do not hesitate contacting the Kaa crew through the Kaa community at Stack Overflow with any inquiries that may arise. We love hearing from you!

Let’s get going.

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