Apply for limited availability access to the new, enterprise-tailored Kaa 1.0 Banana Beach!

Next generation of Kaa

While maintaining the advantages of the currently stable Kaa 0.10 Avocado Archipelago, the Banana Beach release sets a new platform paradigm with a ton of architectural and functional improvements.

The selected group of customer companies and community users will be granted access to the Limited Availability Technical Preview of Kaa 1.0.

We expect all participants to greatly benefit from the early access to the new Kaa and head-start their IoT projects implementation in advance of the official General Availability release of Kaa 1.0.0 Banana Beach.

Benefits of the Kaa BB LA program

  • New Kaa 1.0 a few months earlier
  • Direct access to Kaa engineers
  • Direct influence on future Kaa features

First generation of Kaa

Kaa 0.10.0. Avocado Archipelago


For development, experimentation, or small-scale uses of Kaa, please either download Kaa Sandbox, or deploy it directly to Amazon Web Services.

Sandbox image

2.23 GB

Deploy sandox to AWS

Kaa Core

For Kaa cluster installations you can download ready-to-use Debian or RPM packages for various Linux flavors, or build Kaa from source code.

Debian Package

184 MB

RPM Package

181 MB

Source code

14.2 MB